Will Smith & Jada Pinkett Smith opening up!

Will and Jada Smith have opened up about their marriage in an intimate interview aired on Red Table Talks. On Friday 10th July, the pair joined each other on the show to have a discussion about the recent relationship rumours surrounding Jada and singer August Alsina.

For the couple, it was believed that candidly speaking about their 23-year marriage was the best move for their family. During the 12 minute episode, Pinkett Smith admitted to “an entanglement” with August in 2015 following rumours that she had a fling with him. She and her husband, who sat beside her, opened up in a strange way about their difficulties leading up to the affair. Many have established that the pair is in a difficult time right now and that this would not be special if they were not famous.

Timeline of events

Early April of last year was when the rumours begun to pick up. At this time, August released a remix of Kehlani’s song which had lyrics allegedly about Jada Pinkett Smith. At the time, August denied that his lyrics were anything to do with Jada.

Fast forward to nearly a year ahead in June 2020, August speaks about his past relationship with Jada in an interview with Angela Yee. When promoting his third album ‘The Product III: State of Emergency’, Alsina decided to bring back up the rumours and opened up to Angela Yee. He considered the Smiths to be “like my family” and claimed they had an open marriage to which Will Smith allegedly gave him permission to date Jada.

Shortly after, Pinkett Smith brought herself to the Red Table to address the whole situation. Her and Will had the interview where she stated herself and August got “into an entanglement” and that she was in a low place. The family definitely have a lot of healing to do as public affairs can always become so much more than they need to be.