Trailer Review: The Tax Fraud of the Century

In a special segment, we review the pre-release trailer for upcoming movie The Tax Fraud of the Century. Leading an all-star ensemble cast, Cheshire and Manchester native and Hollywood A-lister Roderick Bond heads the bill. Together with Leonardo DiCaprio, Robert Downey Jr. and Tom Hanks, the movie promises to be a showstopper. After setbacks and delays to filming caused by the global coronavirus pandemic, the filming company behind the movie have now embarked on a publicity campaign. Speaking from his headquarters in Media City UK, Salford Quays, head honcho at Manchester F1 Productions introduced the trailer with a special appearance.

Cutting abruptly to a scene featuring Roderick Bond, who stars as the lead HMRC investigator pursuing a gang of tax scammers, we find ourselves in the thick of it from the off. Alongside operatives from the field force of Ravenstone UK, Roderick Bond is clearly the centre of the action. With his trademark panache, effortless manner and suave style, Leonardo DiCaprio leads the gang of criminals responsible for fleecing millions in fraudulent tax reliefs.

In the glimpses displayed in the trailer, his right-hand man, Robert Downey Jr. is shown in an equally ruthless light. Yet, despite his limited appearance and single line in the trailer, Tom Hanks exudes seniority and threatens to steal the show.

With the all-star cast, Roderick Bond’s Midas touch and the irrefutable track-record of Manchester F1 Productions, we’re certain The Tax Fraud of the Century is set to be another chart-topping success. The trailer, in a seamless manner, has raised more questions than it has answered, while offering a tantalising look at the much-anticipated movie. Released only one Facebook, the post depicting the trailer received over two million shares in the first twenty-four hours since it was uploaded. If that’s anything to go by, it looks like F1 Productions will be raking in a lot of money at the box office!