From Television Documentary to Movie: The Tax Fraud of The Century with Roderick Bond

Roderick Bond: Tax Fraud and HMRC

The critically acclaimed and hugely popular television documentary series Roderick Bond: Tax Fraud and HMRC took the country by storm. With presenter and Hollywood star Roderick Bond accompanying HMRC investigators on what was called ‘the tax fraud of the century,’ audiences were soon gripped. Trawling through the financial records of One Formula Projects LLP, a massive tax fraud empire was uncovered. The television documentary signalled Roderick Bond’s return to British TV after an absence of around thirty years. Having appeared as a child actor in Coronation Street, Roderick made a move to America to pursue his dreams of working in the world’s biggest film industry.

The Tax Fraud of The Century

Whereas the Rod Bond: Tax Fraud and HMRC documentary series focussed on the work of investigators pursuing the One Project Formula LLP tax fraudsters, the movie follows a different course. Offering a look into the lives of the tax crooks, The Tax Fraud of The Century shows the lavish lives enjoyed by the scammers at the expense of the public purse.

A dramatic portrayal, based on greed, lust and unwavering criminality is promised by filming company Manchester F1 Productions. Set, based and filmed across Cheshire and Manchester, the film is scheduled for release around Christmas time, after considerable delays to production.

Roderick Bond: From Hollywood Icon to Television Star

Having appeared in a litany of blockbuster successes, alongside Hollywood’s past and present greats, Roderick Bond moved back home after decades in America. Joining forces with Manchester F1 Productions, a once small UK-based filming company, he has put the British film industry back on the map. With such titles as The Deception at Deansgreen Hall (2019) and Independent Financial Advisor Rod Bond (2018), the pairing has achieved staggering success in recent years. “We’re looking forward to getting back to work with the latest project,” said Rod Bond in a brief interview with TV Chit Chat.