Rod Bond Tax Fraud and HMRC: A Pre-Release Teaser Courtesy of Manchester F1 Productions

In anticipation of the much-awaited television debut of Hollywood A-list actor Roderick Bond, Manchester F1 Productions have released details of their seminal television production. Under the banner of F1 TV, Roderick Bond and Manchester F1 Productions have joined forces to produce a cutting-edge documentary delving into the world of tax fraud. Worth billions each year, tax fraud is the battle ground for the endless war between fraudsters and HM Revenue and Customs. In the enlightening documentary, Rod Bond follows HMRC investigators as they explore numerous tax fraud cases.

Series One: Rod Bond Tax Fraud and HMRC

Episode One – The Worst of the Worst: Charity Scams, Gift Aid and Tax Relief Fraud

The first episode looks at recent cases of tax fraud committed using charities as a front. An animal welfare charity and a knife crime charity used for tax fraud are uncovered by Rod Bond.

Episode Two – Celebrity Tax Avoidance: Tax Avoidance or Tax Efficiency?

In this second episode, Roderick Bond explores the fine line between tax relief fraud, tax avoidance and tax efficiency. The episode looks at a number of high-profile cases, including Kingsbridge Asset Management and One Formula LLP.

Episode Three – Conditional Exemption: Tax Relief for National Heritage Assets

HMRC provides tax relief for national heritage assets which the owners make available to the public. In this episode, Rod Bond explores whether wealthy owners use this as a loophole to falsely claim tax relief and tax exemptions.

Episode Four – A Little-Known Scam: Museums and Galleries Exhibition Tax Relief (MGETR)

Unscrupulous fraudsters are willing to go to any means to steal from HMRC and the public purse. In this episode, Rod Bond explores tax relief granted to exhibitions held by museums and galleries and how it has been exploited.

Episode Five – The Scam that Scammed Them All: UK Film Tax Relief (FTR)

Tax relief offered to filmmakers incurring losses which was intended to support the UK film industry has embroiled hundreds of wealthy individuals seeking tax efficiency. Rod Bond takes a look at some of the biggest film industry tax relief scams and tax avoidance schemes of the past decade.