Chatterbox Chatter: Love Island’s Amber Gill and Greg O’Shea Split!

As rumours swirled and their time apart ticked on, it still came as a shock this week that this year’s Love Island winners, and apparently inseparable couple, Amber Gill and Greg O’Shea have officially split! Following a two-week romance on the hit show, the couple seemed rather quiet winners, vowing to rekindle their romance as soon as normality returned to their lives following their stint on the show. Beating their rivals to the £50,000 cash prize, the pair had initially insisted on pursuing their relationship, despite considerable time apart following a return to much busier schedules. Amber made a long-anticipated trip to visit Greg in Ireland, in late August, after which the couple’s fans were treated to a flurry of photos posted by the gushing couple on social media and publicly exchanged messages between the couple. Posing in front of famous landmarks, such as the Cliffs of Moher and Dromoland Castle Hotel and Country Club, the couple seemed to be enjoying their time together and were clearly on a good course.

However, around the time she expected to visit Greg in Ireland again, Amber revealed she had received a text message from Greg in which he stated his desire to longer pursue the relationship. By all accounts, it was Amber who pressed the conversation, as Greg overlooked the most basic etiquette by not informing her of his intentions clearly. Sources close to Amber have revealed that the Geordie beauty feels that Greg was aware of the distance between the two and chose to pursue her while on the show with full knowledge of it. However, Greg was more realistic about the situation, citing both of their busy schedules and their focus on their respective careers as the cause for the split, during an appearance on RTE One’s Late Late Show in Dublin.