Big Zuu’s Big Eats

The London-based grime artist Big Zuu has launched his own cookery TV show on Dave which airs every Friday. The show focuses on Big Zuu and his mates having this ‘secret talent’ in cooking, alongside his rapping skills. Despite having only six months of professional experience in the kitchen working at Nando’s, Big Zuu has a range of different meals that he prepares for various comedians on his show.

What will he be cooking?

 Many of the meals appear to be fast-food focused, with Jimmy Carr served a kebab with truffle; Phil Wang getting a beef burger with the patty cooked in a shell of fried noodles; and Rosie Jones receiving a fish and chips dish created with a nod to Jones’ Spanish heritage. There are a lot of elements that resemble a street-food style by Big Zuu as he uses a grill for a lot of his prepared meals.  We also get to see other signature twists as we expect to see fried chicken topper with Doritos and a Yorkshire pudding sandwich.

Similar shows

 This show is a great programme to watch during the current lockdown as it can add a few recipes into the cook book. It is a great alternative to your traditional shows like: Saturday Kitchen, Daily Kitchen Live on BBC One and so on.  The comedic spin alongside the urban style of the grime artist brings some uniqueness to the show. Also there are a few giggles as the comedians contribute to the show plus Big Zuu’s electric character.

This show sources its foods from local shops rather than the big chains so it really does offer a complete new look on some recipes. Just Big Zuu hosting this show alone reaches out to a completely different audience and lets people of the younger generation be included in cooking.