Strictly Come Dancing: The Strictly Curse

As this season’s Strictly Come Dancing is well under way, we take a look back at one of the not-so-great things the hit dance show is known for, the popularly dubbed Strictly curse! Blamed for the breakdown of numerous real-life long-term relationships and marriages, the popular TV dance competition has seen couples split during or shortly after one partner has appeared on the show, with the public at large describing the recurring phenomenon as ‘the Strictly curse’.

After a waltz to victory in Strictly’s very first season in 2004, all those years ago, professional dancer Brendan Cole and broadcaster Natasha Kaplinsky were the first on-screen pairing to be seen to be getting closer on the show. While Brendan was engaged to co-star and fellow professional dancer Camilla Dallerup, Natasha was single. The alleged affair was never confirmed by either of the two, but whatever it was it resulted in Brendan and his ex-fiance splitting up. Fast-forwarding a few years to 2013 we saw the sparks fly between Rachel Riley and Pasha Kovalev. Having met her millionaire husband Jamie Gilbert during their university days, when they were both 19, and after 15 months of marriage, the relationship hit the rocks as she was literally swept off her feet by the dashing Strictly professional dancer Pasha Kovalev. The have been going strong ever since their appearance on the show!

More recently, the Strictly curse struck long-time celebrity couple Jamie and Lousie Redknapp. Together for eighteen years prior to Strictly, Louise laughed off the warnings about the so-called curse. However, having completed the show as runner up, the former All Saints singer spoke of her exasperation with the life of a ‘Stepford wife’. Her stint on the show culminated with a quickie divorce, which was completed in 2017, and took a mere 20 seconds!