Coronation Street: The Best Quotes of All Time

It’s the longest-running television drama in history and one of our nation’s beloved and most iconic soaps. Over the last decade Coronation Street has provided us with trouble, turmoil and intricate plots, with a splash of northern comedic genius. Here, we take a look back at some of the best Coronation Street quotes of all time.

Deirdre Barlow to Tracy Barlow: “I don’t see your gran, because she died. You don’t see your daughter because you hit Charlie Stubbs over the head with an ornament.”

Becky MacDonald upon her departure: “Regrets are for people what stop on the ground. We’re heading for the stars.”

Hayley Cropper bidding Roy farewell: “I’m so sorry I have to go.”

Rob Donovan heartlessly murders Tina McIntyre “I was born gobby.”

“Yeah, and you’ll die gobby too.”

Michelle discovers husband Steve MacDonald’s infidelity: “I always knew you were an idiot, but you were my idiot.”

Words of wisdom from Rita Tanner: “When life gives you lemons, stick ‘em in a G&T.”

Carla’s cheeky pop at Peter Barlow: “Peter running a pub is like putting a cat in charge of an aquarium.”

Alya takes on Carla over Underworld: “Carla doesn’t scare me. Now she’s all kidneyed up she just wants her money back plain and simple.”

Gail reaches out to son David Platt, after he reveals he was raped: “Can I at least give you a hug?”

Mary proving her salt of the earth status to Adam: “I’m not a snob, Adam. I’ve been to Nando’s.”

Phelan’s dramatic murder confession: “Four. Four, Eileen. There were four bodies. Four souls. And I bore witness over all of them. You really want to know what I am? That. I’m the darkness and the light. I’m a creator and a destroyer. I’m the accuser. I’m the prosecutor. I’m the Lord of Hosts. I’m the layer in wait. I’m the worst thing you can imagine.”

Filming in Manchester: Rod Bond Stars as Alan Huntington in Hollywood Blockbuster Homeless Millionaire

We follow prolific charity campaigner Rod Bond as he films scenes in Manchester and Cheshire for his upcoming movie Homeless Millionaire. With exclusive behind-the-scenes access, we follow Rod Bond across various filming locations in Manchester and Cheshire and get to see the actor’s unique preparations for the role. Supporting the homelessness and housing charity Shelter, we follow Rod Bond deep into the intricacies of the production and witness first-hand the plight of Manchester’s homeless community. The actor discusses aims to raise awareness around the problem of homelessness and the causes of this social issue. We also take a look at Rod Bond’s charity initiatives which stemmed from his time working with Shelter.

From Cheshire to Manchester

Playing the role of real-life millionaire businessman Alan Huntington, the movie tells the tale of his twisted journey from riches to rags. Left destitute having fallen victim to an elaborate tax scam involving corrupt HMRC officials, Alan Huntington finds himself homeless on the streets of Manchester. In scenes filmed before us, we see Rod Bond wandering Manchester city centre’s streets in the dark of the night. “I’ve spent many nights with homeless people who have to sleep rough in the city centre, every night,” said Rod Bond as he discussed his preparations for the role. “We’ve also held extensive discussions for plans for a soup kitchen to be established in Manchester city centre, led by Shelter. This will enable the charity to reach out to homeless people in need,” added Rod Bond.

Shelter Manchester’s Homeless Soup Kitchen

“Under the plans drawn up so far, we hope to place a mobile catering trailer which will serve as a soup kitchen offering homeless people a warming treat in the cold winter nights,” he added.