Top Quarantine TV-Shows

With the rise of a pandemic on our front doors, the world has gone into a frozen state with major events being cancelled across all continents. Nearly all major sports leagues have been temporarily suspended in response to the COVID-19 outbreak. Governments across the world in heavily affected countries have advised for a lot of quarantining and self isolation in these times of peril.

As we are all cooped up in doors to self isolate and protect ourselves, we might as well make use of all the time we have indoors. If you’re out of ideas of what to do then you can look towards some TV-shows to keep you occupied.

Here are some of the top interesting series you can try:

  1. Prison Break

A 5 season tv-show which focuses on a prison designer who gets himself put into jail to help a family member escape from the death row. The designer’s brother is falsely accused and the pair fight against a higher authority who wants to get rid of him as quick as possible. The designer insists his brother is innocent and draws out a lot of complex plans to figure his way out of the huge prison compound. This is a great tv-show to watch while quarantining during this pandemic.

  1. 100 Humans. Life Questions. Answered.

This new Netflix show has taken the UK by storm as it’s interesting concept has raised a lot of eyebrows. The show looks at population trends in an experimental way and displays human behaviour. It invites 100 people and throughout the show a lot of questions and tasks are given to the humans to discover people’s subconscious decisions along with their performances.

  1. Who Killed Malcom X?

If you are interested in a crime-like, investigative show then this is the one for you. This tv-show looks into a documentary following the work of Abdur-Rahman Muhammad, who for more than 30 years has been investigating the assassination of Malcom X.

Remember to stay inside and watch these shows!

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Coronation Street:

This coming week will see the return of Jan Lozinski. Following sensational scenes in the child trafficking storyline, Jan will finally reveal he was working as a police informant, declare his love for Eileen and ask her to move away with him. However, Eileen and Seb’s problems won’t be so easily forgotten, as Rachel returns next week to spy on the pair. Alina will return briefly, giving Seb hope of rekindling their romance. Desperate to keep her around, he will spill the beans on Jan, all to no avail. Robert will hold Jed to ransom over the dangerous double game he is playing with Michelle and Vicky. Fending Michelle off with various lies, Jed will try to pay Robert off with £2,000, only to find himself even deeper. Shona visits David in prison over Max’s recent behavioural problems, not realising he has been secretly refusing his ADHD medication. As Shona and Max bond after she realises she had no idea of Kylie’s birthday, she remains unaware of Max disposing of his medication.


Following her discovery of news of Hunter’s escape, to be aired tonight, the news will bring a nervy week ahead for Mel. As Ben questions her further about Lisa, he decides to follow her, as she ends up leading him to where Hunter is hiding. The question is, will Ben learn the truth? Later in the week, Ben challenges Mel and she ends up acquiescing to him. Stuffing money from the E20 safe in her bag, Mel is alarmed by the police calling in. Elsewhere, as Rainie’s use of painkillers continues, she is confronted by Kathy, who uses a tough approach.