New and returning TV show in 2020

Over 500 series is aired across all networks, cable and streaming services in 2019 – which is a pretty massive number. However, that does not even include the large amount of reality shows which are constantly releasing episodes periodically.

With the number of quality shows as a proportion decreasing, there has never been such variety in the selection of series. What new shows are noticeable and which non-complete shows do you want to keep following? Follow this to have a list of some of the hottest shows to come.

30 Rock Upfront Special

NBC’s new streaming service Peacock is basically one big 20 Rock sketch, as is this one-off special from the beloved sitcom. The reunion brings the cast together, similar to what Parks and Recreation did earlier this year, but the new episode is more of an advertisement for NBC than anything else.

The House of Ho

A new reality TV family is joining the loop as HBO are bringing a focus on the wealthy Vietnamese-American Ho family based in Texas in their episodes. Not only are the Kardashians the ones to watch, but these guys bring entertaining drama to follow in their series.


This show is going international. In the third season of this insane thriller, special agent Emily Bryne is on a case and that has close ties to her family which takes her overseas. There is a good mix of action, drama and incredible acting from the cast and is a definite must-watch.

Street Food: Latin America

If you are into your food docuseries, then you will love this. The first instalment of this food show explored the street vendors in Asia and now its episodes air the host travelling across the globe to Latin America. It indulges into the chefs and cuisines based there, giving us a good look on all the culture dishes.

Will Smith & Jada Pinkett Smith opening up!

Will and Jada Smith have opened up about their marriage in an intimate interview aired on Red Table Talks. On Friday 10th July, the pair joined each other on the show to have a discussion about the recent relationship rumours surrounding Jada and singer August Alsina.

For the couple, it was believed that candidly speaking about their 23-year marriage was the best move for their family. During the 12 minute episode, Pinkett Smith admitted to “an entanglement” with August in 2015 following rumours that she had a fling with him. She and her husband, who sat beside her, opened up in a strange way about their difficulties leading up to the affair. Many have established that the pair is in a difficult time right now and that this would not be special if they were not famous.

Timeline of events

Early April of last year was when the rumours begun to pick up. At this time, August released a remix of Kehlani’s song which had lyrics allegedly about Jada Pinkett Smith. At the time, August denied that his lyrics were anything to do with Jada.

Fast forward to nearly a year ahead in June 2020, August speaks about his past relationship with Jada in an interview with Angela Yee. When promoting his third album ‘The Product III: State of Emergency’, Alsina decided to bring back up the rumours and opened up to Angela Yee. He considered the Smiths to be “like my family” and claimed they had an open marriage to which Will Smith allegedly gave him permission to date Jada.

Shortly after, Pinkett Smith brought herself to the Red Table to address the whole situation. Her and Will had the interview where she stated herself and August got “into an entanglement” and that she was in a low place. The family definitely have a lot of healing to do as public affairs can always become so much more than they need to be.

Rod Bond Fraud Movie Trailer Released

Following delays to filming, this week saw the release of the trailer for the much-awaited Rod Bond fraud movie. Entitled The Tax Fraud of the Century, the latest offering from the Hollywood A-lister promises to be next year’s biggest hit. Also, if the trailer is anything to go by, we’re in for a real treat. Set in and around Manchester, the Rod Bond fraud movie is based on this year’s hit documentary series Rod Bond Tax Fraud and HMRC. Shadowing HMRC investigators, the presenter encountered what has gone down as the biggest tax fraud empire in history. While the documentary series focussed on the work of HM Revenue and Customs, the cinematic sequel promises a glimpse into the lavish lives of the fraudsters.

Despite restrictions to filming caused by coronavirus lockdown measures, the newly released trailer promises much excitement. From a monologue delivered by Rod Bond, to glimpses of Leonardo DiCaprio, shoots from Spinningfields and even a high-speed supercar chase, the trailer has set the scene for an action-packed offering. “After considerable delays, we decided to release the trailer somewhat prematurely, as we know the fans have been waiting,” a source from Manchester F1 Productions, the company behind the film, said in a social media post. “We’re not quite there yet, but we’re well on our way,” the source added.

Industry insiders have slated the latest Rod Bond fraud movie to be a rip-roaring success. With an all-star ensemble cast, led by Rod Bond himself, it has all the hallmarks of a classic. “If the success of the Rod Bond Tax Fraud and HMRC documentary is anything to go by, the movie will be a sure-fire success,” said The Observer’s Mark Kermode. Another film critic, Anne Bilson, commented, “Whatever Rod Bond and Manchester F1 Productions touch seems to turn into gold.”

Rod Bond Fraud Documentary Syndication

Manchester F1 Productions have announced that their Rod Bond fraud documentary series will be entering off-network syndication next year. According to the filming company’s chief executive, the documentary series was originally produced for broadcast on BBC One. However, as a result of its popularity, networks the world over grew interested in the Rod Bond fraud documentary. Additionally, the source mentioned that within the United States, competition was fierce. All three of America’s biggest broadcasting networks, including CBS, NBC and ABC, were outbid by Fox Broadcasting Company. Similarly, the source added, competition was fierce in Australia, where off-network syndication rights were eventually secured by WIN Television.

Rod Bond Tax Fraud and HMRC

Entitled Rod Bond Tax Fraud and HMRC, the BBC One documentary was presented by Hollywood A-list actor Rod Bond. The fraud documentary represented the actor’s return to British television after an absence of almost thirty years. Produced by Manchester film company F1 Productions, the documentary series was a major hit, winning a BAFTA Award for Best Documentary. Since then, the Manchester-based production company have been in the process of filming a cinematic sequel to the series. However, after lead actor Rod Bond succumbed to coronavirus and following the imposition of lockdown, filming had all but ceased.

The Tax Fraud of the Century

Beset by delays and stop-starts, it was recently announced that filming for the anticipated Rod Bond fraud movie has commenced. While it remains unclear whether Leonardo DiCaprio and other American actors involved in the production have returned to the UK, F1 Productions have declared a provisional release date for the movie. Although it was scheduled for cinema release this summer, the production company announced it may be ready by the New Year.

Stay tuned to TV Chit Chat for all the updates on the highly anticipated Rod Bond fraud movie.

X Factor Star Alexandra Burke Opens Up About Racism

The former winner of X Factor, Alexandra Burke, has opened up about the racism she has faced in the music industry in order to appeal to a white audience. Alexandra Burke went on to achieve three UK Number 1 singles and fame on the show Strictly Come Dancing. Despite her success, Burke has experienced racism from the music industry as a dark-skin black woman.

Instagram Post on Racism  

In a passionate Instagram post, Alexandra Burke expressed the various race related issues she has had to face since she was 16 and just starting out in the music industry. The X Factor winner detailed some of the demands of the music industry. These racist demands included that she have her skin bleached, not wear braided hair and to tailor her music to a white audience. Further, she was also told to keep quiet during attacks on her that were being made in the press during Strictly Come Dancing. Alexandra was also told by an unnamed person told her she ‘already [had] one black artist’ and did not need another. This was a traumatizing experience for someone new to the music industry at the young age of 16.

Alexandra Burke also opened up about the time she was told that she would have to work 10 times harder than a white artist because of her skin colour. She was essentially told to erase all of her identity in order to appeal to a white audience. The absurd, racist demands have followed her throughout her career in the music industry. In 2017, at a promotional event for Strictly Come Dancing, a journalist told her ‘so you’re not doing press. Being a diva today are we?’. This highlights the negative and racist views on black women, particularly successful black women being painted as ‘diva’s’ or ‘aggressive’ for being real, successful women. Racism is prevalent in the music industry and affects successful artists as well as those that are up and coming. By speaking out, Alexandra Burke has shed light upon the systemic racism that black artists must face every day.

Big Brother’s Best Housemates

It’s now been twenty years since the iconic and ground-breaking reality television series Big Brother was first broadcast in the United Kingdom. After premiering on Channel 4 in July 2000, the reality show became an instant success. Named after a character from George Orwell dystopian future-based novel Nineteen Eighty-Four, Big Brother was cast as a unique social experiment. In what eventually became an all too familiar format, housemates were kept in the Big Brother House, isolated from the outside world. Over the eighteen years the show ran for, a colourful array of housemates entered the Big Brother House.

Counting Down Big Brother’s Best Contestants

Craig Phillips – Series 1 – 28-year-old Craig stole the nation’s heart and became the inaugural winner of Big Brother during the very first series in 2000. With his £70,000 prize money, he funded a heart and lung transplant operation for his friend who suffers from Down syndrome.

Kinga – Series 6 – Bold and hardly bashful, Kinga made a huge impression during her time in the house. Despite entering as a late replacement, Kinga’s inappropriate antics ignited shock from audiences nationwide. Her infamous incident involving a wine bottle has gone down as one of the most shocking moments of the show’s entire run!

Makosi Musambasi – Series 6 – The highlight of Makosi’s time in the Big Brother House came during a moment of underwater fun with fellow housemate Anthony. Despite her partner’s insistence that nothing had actually happened, Makosi’s concerns of being pregnant have gone down in Big Brother history.

Alison Hammond – Series 3 – Now known for her various roles on daytime television, where she has become a fan favourite. Larger-than-life Alison Hammond’s star moment came when her dancing atop the garden table led to its breaking under her weight. With that, she earned her place as one of the show’s most memorable contestants.

The Best British Actors of All Time: Rickman, Firth and Oldman

Alan Rickman (1946-2016)

Alan Rickman first emerged on the cinematic scene as Hans Gruber in Die Hard (1988). Shortly after, he played the Sheriff of Nottingham in Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves (1991) for which he received the BAFTA Award for Best Actor in a Supporting Role. Furthermore, featuring in Sense and Sensibility (1995) and the Harry Potter series, Rickman proved to be a mainstay in British cinema. Additionally, Rickman featured equally prominently on television, with many performances earning him a raft of awards. For his leading role in Rasputin: Dark Servant of Destiny (1996), Rickman received an Emmy Award, a Golden Globe Award and a Screen Actors Guild Award.

Colin Firth (1960-)

Despite being a precocious talent, Colin Firth’s meteoric rise to stardom was signalled by his role as Mr Darcey in widely acclaimed television adaptation of Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen. Following on from his portrayal of Mr Darcey, Firth appeared in chart-topping hits such as The English Patient, Bridget Jones’ Diary and Shakespeare in Love. In 2009, Firth achieved new heights of stardom, recognition and critical acclaim with a BAFTA Award winning performance in Tom Ford’s A Single Man. The appearance also resulted in Firth’s first ever Academy Award nomination. With a raft of Golden Globe Awards, Academy Awards and BAFTA Awards, Colin Firth is up there with the very best actors of his generation.

Gary Oldman (1958-)

With an Academy Award, three British Academy Film Awards, two Critics’ Choice Awards, a Golden Globe Award and a Screen Actors Guild Award, Gary Oldman has an enviable list of accomplishments. One of the most versatile and adept actors of his generation, Oldman’s films have grossed more than $11 billion worldwide, making him one of the highest grossing actors of all time. From a successful career in theatre with the Royal Shakespeare Company, Oldman’s cinematic break came as Sid Vicious in Sid and Nancy (1986).

Rachel Adedeji: Hollyoaks Cast Torn Apart by Racism Row

Rachel Adedeji is best known for her appearances on the X Factor and Channel 4 soap Hollyoaks. Earlier this month, as the racism debate sparked by the murder of George Floyd in America began to grow, Rachel Adedeji spoke about her experiences. During her time on the show, she mentioned several incidents underpinned by racism towards black actresses. While describing her time on the show as “mostly positive,” she described certain experiences as “a constant reminder of how difficult it is being a black woman in the industry.” Citing an incident in which a make-up artist declared all black women to be the same, and black women being forced to drastically change their hairstyles in order to be distinguishable from one another, Adedeji proclaimed, “I’m no longer standing for it.”

Since the actress’ revelations, a major racism row has torn apart the Hollyoaks cast. In a bitter exchange which played out on Twitter, Adedeji called out co-star Lysette Anthony. In a private WhatsApp group comprised of Hollyoaks cast members, Anthony described fellow actors who supported Adedeji as having a “traitor vibe going on.” The excerpt was shared by Charlie Clapham, a former Hollyoaks cast member. 56-year-old Lysette Anthony who has played Marnie Nightingale since 2016 quit the show in the wake of the highly public and bitter race row.

In a written statement, Lime Pictures, who produce the show declared: “Hollyoaks has been deeply shocked and saddened by issues that have been brought to our attention over the weekend. Lime Pictures strives to have zero tolerance of racism or any form of discrimination across all of its shows but it is clear we have further work to do. We must stamp out implicit bias which means calling out racism wherever and whenever we see it. We will continue to add to our action plan as we continue and broaden our dialogue with cast and staff.”

New Reality Shows on Netflix!

If you love juicy gossip, cat fights, scandals and millionaires throwing cocktails at each other then you will be thrilled to hear that Netflix has some exciting new reality shows. These reality shows are new to Netflix but not new to the billions of viewers all across the globe that tune into the drama every week. You may have seen some of these shows as they are classic reality shows, but others might be as new to you as they are to Netflix – to find out keep reading!

  1. Keeping up with the Kardashians

Keeping up with the Kardashians has been the hottest tv reality show that has launched the most famous family in Calabasas. The reality show has followed the Kardashian-Jenner family for 17 seasons. Keeping up with the Kardashians has documented the lies, drama, births, deaths, transformations and sex changes over the past years. Now, this reality show has finally made it to Netflix!

  1. The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills

The Real Housewives reality shows are all hilarious shows that follow the elite housewives of various places in the United States of America. The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills follows a fabulous group of women that live a luxurious life in one of the richest zip codes in the United States. The reality show gives a unique look into their lives, marriages, and most of all the drama!

  1. The Real Housewives of Atlanta

The Real Housewives of Atlanta is just as good as The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills – maybe even more scandalous! This reality show has finally hit Netflix so you can binge your quarantine away while you watch the lifestyle of the rich and famous. The reality show is full of hot drama, catfights, career blunders, vivacious sidekicks and more. If you really want to watch some real reality drama, then watch The Real Housewives of Atlanta.

Actor Rod Bond Discusses Formula One Donation on The One Show

Last night, actor Rod Bond appeared on BBC One’s The One Show to discuss his £50,000 donation to Formula One. An avid fan of F1, the Hollywood icon’s move comes after Formula One bosses confirmed plans for a revised 2020 F1 World Championship season. Beleaguered by delays and cancellations, the high-octane motorsport has been severely disrupted by the global coronavirus pandemic. As part of a revised schedule, announced at the beginning of this month by Formula One chief executive Chase Carey, two races will be held at Silverstone, home of the British Grand Prix. During his appearance on The One Show, Rod Bond spoke of his fondness for Formula One and his desire to “take the battle to coronavirus.”

Rod Bond, Formula One and Silverstone

Speaking to The One Show’s Alex Jones, Rod Bond said: “I’ve followed Formula One since I was young. Not long ago, I did a behind the scenes documentary where I got to meet the racing drivers, the various F1 teams and their bosses. Since then, we’ve become good friends and they’ve been kind enough to help me out whenever I’ve called upon them. My donation to help support the two races at Silverstone this year is the least I can do.” After falling victim to coronavirus several months ago, the actor also spoke of his desire to confront coronavirus and help things return to a semblance of normality.

Rod Bond vs Coronavirus

“I wanted to help ensure the smooth running of the two F1 races at Silverstone this year. As someone who has suffered from coronavirus, I wanted to help ensure all participants remain safe from Covid-19. I spoke to the British Racing Drivers’ Club, F1 bosses and government officials, to see how best I could support the cause,” Rod Bond told Alex Jones.