F1 Productions’ Next Release: Duncan Evans Fraud Film

Manchester based production company F1 Productions have announced their latest project at a press conference in Manchester. The financial crime drama will be based on the life and crimes of former amateur golfer Duncan Evans. Born in Crewe, Evans was convicted of tax fraud worth £21 million. His elaborate riches included country mansion Deansgreen Hall in Lymm, as well as other properties and numerous supercars. Manchester’s F1 Productions have announced that rather than glorifying Duncan Evans’ crimes and lifestyle, the fraud film will focus on the diligent work of HMRC investigators. In what is expected to be another success for the North West of England, filming will take place across Manchester and Cheshire. “We think it’s all too often that crime and the proceeds of crime are celebrated on screen. In what will be a gritty and dramatic unravelling, we will focus on the efforts of the HMRC investigators on Evans’ trail,” said a representative of Manchester’s F1 Production company.

The story of amateur golfer and convicted tax fraudster Duncan Evans is one of talent, success and criminal enterprise. Described as a “devious and accomplished fraudster,” Evans’ rise and fall is tale perfectly tailored for the big screen. From sporting success and his position as a hero to a life of plush criminal luxury, Evans saw it all. Born in Crewe, Cheshire, Evans’ success saw his catapulted to national renown. After winning golf’s prestigious Amateur Championship in 1981, Evans was chosen as BBC Wales Sports Personality of the Year. However, soon after his sporting success, Evans took to a life of crime. Partnering with fraudster and scammer ‘Riviera’ Ray Woolley, Duncan Evans took to a life of crime. Together, the pair earned millions from an elaborate VAT fraud scheme. Plundering the coffers of the HMRC in the form of false and illegal tax rebates, Evans lived a life of luxury. From the latest high-performance supercars to one of the country’s most luxurious property’s Evans had it all.