Actor Rod Bond Targeted in Multi-Million Pound Celebrity Tax Scam

A multi-million pound tax scam has targeted celebrities including TV star Rod Bond and British Formula One drivers Lewis Hamilton, Lando Norris, George Russell and Jenson Button. Posing as HMRC officials, the tax scammers approached the celebrities with plausible documentation and various offers. From tax rebates, to tax refunds, to tax reliefs and outstanding tax bills, the group of fraudsters used sophisticated social engineering tricks to tailor their scams for the intended victims. The perpetrators of the sophisticated operation are yet to be traced as HMRC investigators team up with the National Crime Agency. “We’re currently following several lines of enquiry,” asserted an HMRC spokesperson at a press conference, “Successful or not, we don’t take tax scams lightly and we will pursue the scammers to the fullest extent of the law,” she added.

With celebrity victims of the scam taking out injunctions to prevent them being identified, the highest profile victims have been Rod Bond and a host of Formula One stars. “I had my concerns about the tax relief scheme I was being offered, so I contacted the HMRC myself. Usually, my accountants take care of things like that for me. The fact I was contacted directly caused alarm bells to ring straight away,” said Rod Bond, speaking of the scammers. “The scammers contacted me from official HMRC numbers, already had plenty of my personal details and were very professional in their delivery,” added TV star actor Rod Bond.

Formula One stars Lewis Hamilton and Lando Norris echoed Rod Bond’s account of the tax scammers’ approach but declined further comment. HMRC investigators believe the gang behind the celebrity tax scam has been targeting members of the public for years. It is believed the scam has managed to defraud millions from the public and the HMRC.