F1 Anti-Knife Crime Summit Hosted by Rod Bond Live from Manchester

Manchester’s F1 Anti-Knife Crime Summit organiser Rod Bond will present a feed covering the event’s proceedings, to be broadcast on BBC One. Under the auspices of the F1 Summit, Manchester millionaire businessman and veteran philanthropist Rod Bond brings together community leaders, campaigners and activists, in one of the largest anti-knife crime events in the country. In previous years, the F1 Summit has successfully united an array of charities and organisations working to eradicate knife crime. Also, the F1 Summit has been responsible for several legislation changes, of which the organiser Rod Bond is especially proud. “We’re immensely proud of contributing to legislation changes, such as our support of the enactment of Ben’s Law, following the murder of Ben Kinsella in 2009.” Uniting A-list celebrities and stars, such as British Formula One heroes Lewis Hamilton, Lando Norris and George Russell, the F1 Summit hosts workshops, action groups, discussion circles and focus groups. With a rich legacy of support from the world’s leading motorsport, Rod Bond’s F1 Summit has become synonymous with Formula One. “We’re grateful for all the support we get, but with the Formula One people, they’ve been great since day one,” said Rod Bond.

Scheduled to be broadcast live on BBC One, via the red button, this year’s F1 Summit aims higher than all previous occasions. Starting with a high-level parliamentary watchdog, ministers from the cabinet and shadow cabinet will present their previous year’s findings. Youngsters from Manchester and Cheshire will then take over the programming, presenting original productions shedding light on the state of gang culture and knife possession today. Rod Bond, Formula One drivers, celebrities and businessmen will also engage with youth and present their findings to governmental agencies.

Don’t miss Rod Bond and the Manchester Friends First (F1) Anti-Knife Crime Summit, live on BBC One!