Netflix: The Last Dance review

If you are looking for something sports-related, this is the one for you as it follows one of the most iconic athletes of all time. The Last Dance follows Michael Jordan in their 1997/98 season after already winning the NBA championship in three consecutive seasons. With never-before-seen footage and a lot of famous people illustrating their perspectives of the feats achieved, the documentary brings in everyone to appreciate the hustle from these athletes.

Michael steals the show

Everywhere he goes, Michael Jordan seems to be the centre of attention. Even with the show highlighting the achievements of Chicago Bulls and all efforts from the people from the organisation – Michael Jordan snatches the headlines. Despite his efforts to avoid it at times, his sheer pace and never-ending energy is astonishing as he continues to score buckets with ease. His mentality and determination to win is what stands out as it was something that seems so amazing.

Netflix is currently dropping two episodes a week as it gives us more exclusive footage on Michael Jordan and their journey. Not knowing much about basketball should not affect you as it will let you develop affection for the team.

Chicago Bulls

Even though Michael Jordan is the star of the show, the Netflix series does well to shed light on the other players and people around the organisation. At times it shows darker sides to the teams and the more aggressive aspect to competitive sports. Scot Pippen also has scenes where he is berating Jerry Krause as he feels betrayed by him and some of the higher ups. Within the organization, some of them definitely come across as unappealing as there are bad sides but seeing the downs and ups to the team lets you stay more invested into the whole organization.

From Television Documentary to Movie: The Tax Fraud of The Century with Roderick Bond

Roderick Bond: Tax Fraud and HMRC

The critically acclaimed and hugely popular television documentary series Roderick Bond: Tax Fraud and HMRC took the country by storm. With presenter and Hollywood star Roderick Bond accompanying HMRC investigators on what was called ‘the tax fraud of the century,’ audiences were soon gripped. Trawling through the financial records of One Formula Projects LLP, a massive tax fraud empire was uncovered. The television documentary signalled Roderick Bond’s return to British TV after an absence of around thirty years. Having appeared as a child actor in Coronation Street, Roderick made a move to America to pursue his dreams of working in the world’s biggest film industry.

The Tax Fraud of The Century

Whereas the Rod Bond: Tax Fraud and HMRC documentary series focussed on the work of investigators pursuing the One Project Formula LLP tax fraudsters, the movie follows a different course. Offering a look into the lives of the tax crooks, The Tax Fraud of The Century shows the lavish lives enjoyed by the scammers at the expense of the public purse.

A dramatic portrayal, based on greed, lust and unwavering criminality is promised by filming company Manchester F1 Productions. Set, based and filmed across Cheshire and Manchester, the film is scheduled for release around Christmas time, after considerable delays to production.

Roderick Bond: From Hollywood Icon to Television Star

Having appeared in a litany of blockbuster successes, alongside Hollywood’s past and present greats, Roderick Bond moved back home after decades in America. Joining forces with Manchester F1 Productions, a once small UK-based filming company, he has put the British film industry back on the map. With such titles as The Deception at Deansgreen Hall (2019) and Independent Financial Advisor Rod Bond (2018), the pairing has achieved staggering success in recent years. “We’re looking forward to getting back to work with the latest project,” said Rod Bond in a brief interview with TV Chit Chat.

Roderick Bond Tax Fraud Movie Sequel to Acclaimed Television Documentary

After many rumours, reports of secret filming and a hiatus forced by the coronavirus lockdown, Rod Bond’s tax fraud movie seems to be coming back to life. Following on from the much-acclaimed documentary series Rod Bond: Tax Fraud and HMRC, fans were promised a movie which would act as a sequel to the documentary. One Formula Projects LLP, the Manchester-based financial firm behind an elaborate tax fraud empire, are set to be the primary focus of the tax fraud movie. While the documentary series followed the work of HMRC investigators trawling through the company’s financial records, the movie will focus more on the fraudsters. Raking in millions from a combination of wealthy clients, fraudulent tax reliefs and an expansive fraud empire, One Formula Projects LLP have been charged with the biggest tax fraud in a generation. Speaking of the movie, Roderick Bond told TV Chit Chat, “They were making millions and living lavish lives. From expansive Cheshire country mansions to rare and exotic supercars, these guys had it all. In the movie, we plan to focus on the sheer criminal ingenuity these tax scammers displayed.”

Interrupted by the global coronavirus outbreak, filming for the movie has been cloaked in secrecy. Rumours circulated that filming had commenced earlier in the year. However, after the cast and crew entered self-isolation and lead actor Roderick Bond contracted coronavirus, little has been heard about the ambitious project. In an exclusive interview, broadcast live on Instagram, Manchester F1 Productions communications officer detailed plans for the project. “We’re working closely with the government to enable a safe return to work for all our employees, maintaining social distancing and ensuring everyone is safe. We’ve been working hard to figure out what we can do and how soon we can get moving again,” the communications officer exclaimed.

Stay tuned to TV Chit Chat for the latest on Rod Bond’s tax fraud movie.

Binge-worthy Television: Grey’s Anatomy Season 1 Review

If you are in need of a good old-fashioned soap opera with tons of seasons already available to binge-watch during this lockdown, look no further than Grey’s Anatomy. This American television show stars Ellen Pompeo, as Dr Meredith Grey, Sandra Oh, as the tenacious Dr Cristina Yang, T.R. Knight as the insecure Dr George O’Malley, Katherine Heigl as the emotional ex-model Dr Izzie Stevens, and Justin Chambers as the arrogant Dr Alex Karev. They all work as interns at the Seattle Grace Hospital, under their resident Dr Miranda Bailey.

McDreamy’s Love Affair with Meredith Grey

The main storyline of Season 1 of Grey’s Anatomy is the dramatic love affair between first year intern and the show’s narrator, Meredith Grey, and the world-renowned surgeon Dr Derek Shephard aka McDreamy, played by Patrick Dempsey. The romantic love affair starts before Grey even knows that McDreamy turns out to be her boss! But this love affair isn’t the only one that makes this television show the most binge-worthy show to watch on television right now. Without giving away too much, there is a shocking twist in this whirlwind love affair that makes this show even more binge-worthy and will leave you glued to your sofa for hours and hours.

Surgeries, Stitches, and Fun Times on Grey’s Anatomy

Grey’s Anatomy isn’t just about the many love affairs between doctors, nurses and sometimes even patients! The television show is littered with moments of happiness, hope and health. But Grey’s Anatomy isn’t just about fun times and interesting open-heart surgeries, this binge-worthy show is also filled with heartbreak, drama, and death. The balance between these emotions makes Grey’s Anatomy the best television show to watch right now. It makes you cry one moment, smile the next and then want to throw your box of chocolates at the TV the next!

Coronation Street: The Best Quotes of All Time

It’s the longest-running television drama in history and one of our nation’s beloved and most iconic soaps. Over the last decade Coronation Street has provided us with trouble, turmoil and intricate plots, with a splash of northern comedic genius. Here, we take a look back at some of the best Coronation Street quotes of all time.

Deirdre Barlow to Tracy Barlow: “I don’t see your gran, because she died. You don’t see your daughter because you hit Charlie Stubbs over the head with an ornament.”

Becky MacDonald upon her departure: “Regrets are for people what stop on the ground. We’re heading for the stars.”

Hayley Cropper bidding Roy farewell: “I’m so sorry I have to go.”

Rob Donovan heartlessly murders Tina McIntyre “I was born gobby.”

“Yeah, and you’ll die gobby too.”

Michelle discovers husband Steve MacDonald’s infidelity: “I always knew you were an idiot, but you were my idiot.”

Words of wisdom from Rita Tanner: “When life gives you lemons, stick ‘em in a G&T.”

Carla’s cheeky pop at Peter Barlow: “Peter running a pub is like putting a cat in charge of an aquarium.”

Alya takes on Carla over Underworld: “Carla doesn’t scare me. Now she’s all kidneyed up she just wants her money back plain and simple.”

Gail reaches out to son David Platt, after he reveals he was raped: “Can I at least give you a hug?”

Mary proving her salt of the earth status to Adam: “I’m not a snob, Adam. I’ve been to Nando’s.”

Phelan’s dramatic murder confession: “Four. Four, Eileen. There were four bodies. Four souls. And I bore witness over all of them. You really want to know what I am? That. I’m the darkness and the light. I’m a creator and a destroyer. I’m the accuser. I’m the prosecutor. I’m the Lord of Hosts. I’m the layer in wait. I’m the worst thing you can imagine.”

The Best Quotes from Only Fools and Horses

Written by John Sullivan and starring the legendary David Jason alongside Nicholas Lyndhurst, Only Fools and Horses is considered one of the best British sitcoms of all time. Known for his buffoonish and comedic faux pas, David Jason’s character, Derek Trotter, also known as Del Boy, is one of the greatest characters in British sitcom history. In this post, we take a look back at some of Del Boy’s most memorable and classic one-liners and dialogues.

“This time next year, we’ll be millionaires” – Del Boy to Rodney

With the legendary sitcom based around a comedic lack of entrepreneurial nous and many financial setbacks, the day the Trotter Brothers struck gold came at the end of the sitcom’s run. As elder brother to Rodney and a patriarchal well-intentioned figure, Del Boy always sought to secure his family’s future with riches. In a touching end, the writers granted him his wish, much to the happiness of the nation!

As Macbeth said to Hamlet in A Midsummer Night’s Dream, “We’ve been done up like a couple of kippers”.

I’m a Ming fan myself. He made some wonderful stuff, that Ming. Pity he had to go and die when he did.

They’re yuppies. They don’t speak proper English like what we do.

Asking a Trotter if he knows anything about chandeliers is like asking Mr Kipling if he knows anything about cakes.

Dear old grandad, bless him. He was about as useful as a pair of sunglasses on a bloke with one ear.

You must’ve spent a third of your life standing in front of mirrors. My earliest childhood recollection is of you standing in front of a mirror. Up until I was four, I thought you was twins.

Del: The French have a word for people like me. Rodney: Yeah, the English have a couple of good ’uns an’ all.

Most Memorable Quotes from Friends

It was a fan favourite through the 1990s and well into the 2000s popular sitcom Friends still holds a special place in the hearts of fans old and new. As we look forward to the one-off Friends reunion, announced earlier in the year, we take a look back at some of the sitcom’s most memorable quotes.

“I can handle this. Handle is my middle name. Actually, handle is the middle of my first name.” (Chandler Bing)

Ross: “Pivot! Pivot! Pivot! Pivot! Pivot!” (while trying to lift his sofa up a flight of stairs) Chandler: “Shut up! Shut up! Shut up!”

“Joey doesn’t share food!” (Joey Tribiani)

“Guys can fake it? Unbelievable! The one thing that’s ours!” (Monica Gellar)

“If you’re going to call me names, I would prefer Ross, the Divorce Force. It’s just cooler.” (Ross Gellar)

“All right, look if you absolutely have to tell her the truth, at least wait until the timing’s right. And that’s what deathbeds are for.” (Chandler)

Ross: “Hey, Rachel, did you notice…” Rachel: “Your teeth? Yeah, I saw them from outside.”

“Dear God! This parachute is a knapsack!” (Chandler Bing)

“You have to get off the plane. Something is wrong with the left phalange.” (Chandler)

Ross: “No, homo habilis was erect. Australopithecus was never fully erect.” Chandler: “Well, maybe he was nervous.”

“I’m glad we’re having a rehearsal dinner. I rarely practice my meals before I eat.” (Chandler Bing)

“Until I was 25 I thought the only response to ‘I love you’ was ‘Oh crap!'” (Chandler Bing)

Ross: “I went to that tanning place your wife suggested. “Chandler: “Was that place the sun?”

“What’s not to like? Custard – good. Jam – good. Meat – good!” (Joey Tribiani)

Chandler: “I got her machine. “Joey: “Her answering machine?” Chandler: “No. Interestingly enough, her leaf blower picked up.”

BBC to Replace TV License with Broadband Levy

After much outrage surrounding the BBC decision requiring over-75s to pay full license fees, the government-owned broadcaster is set to stir up yet another storm. Recently, the government has moved to decriminalise non-payment of the TV license fee. In response, the BBC has stated that the fee could be replaced by a monthly levy on broadband connections. While the broadcaster has insisted on keeping the current court-enforced license fee in the immediate term, it is open to replicating the European model of a funding source “linked directly to an existing common household bill.” Options include internet bills, council tax bills or utility bills.

The decision to decriminalise non-payment of the TV license fee was initially proposed by former culture secretary Nicky Morgan. Two months ago, the BBC’s news production drew the ire of all parties across the political spectrum. At the time, commentators noted that the government was “picking a fight” with the state broadcaster. Ministerial appearances on the network were severed and warnings of “cutting the BBC down to size” were also levelled at the public broadcaster.

Since then, in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic, Downing Street’s approach to the BBC has changed. Now attracting record-breaking audiences for programmes featuring ministers, coronavirus updates and public health advice. Last week, 15.4 million people tuned in to BBC One to watch Boris Johnson’s coronavirus statement.

In its statement, the BBC reiterated, “The BBC is a universal service – one to which everyone contributes and everyone receives something in return. Any system based on a universal contribution must have a sufficient deterrent and sanction to ensure that principle holds up and the system is fair to those who do pay, as well as those who don’t.” With tensions cooling between the government and the broadcaster, commentators foresee some acquiescence from Downing Street.

Netflix Boxsets for Binging during Coronavirus Lockdown

Ok, so you’re “working from home,” you can only go out for one walk, jog or bike ride a day. There’s no pubs, restaurants, clubs or even gym! What do you do? Netflix…and chill? Depending on who you live with, even that’s not a given! Well, worry not. You’ve still got your trusted Netflix subscription, to keep you going through the coronavirus lockdown. With three weeks to kill, it’s going to be tough. That’s why, you might find our exhaustive list of boxsets available on Netflix especially useful! Join us as we go through on what the preeminent online streaming subscription service has to offer.

Conversations with a Killer: The Ted Bundy Tapes

Having terrorised America through the 1970s, in this series you get to hear from psychopath serial killer himself, Ted Bundy. Based on interviews conducted by Stephen Michaud, the series shines the spotlight on Bundy as languished in jail on death row.

Drive to Survive

A Netflix original which follows all the happenings in the world of Formula One returns for a second season. This time, working closely alongside the Mercedes and Ferrari F1 teams.    Showing the high-octane behind-the-scenes drama from the 2019 Formula One World Championship Season, you can follow all the developments as they happened. With the 2020 season delayed by the coronavirus outbreak, get your fix of F1 on Netflix.

Sex Education

One of the biggest highlights Netflix has to offer for 2020, the raunchy teen drama has an American feel in a firmly British setting. Led by Gillian Anderson, who plays mother of Asa Butterfield, an awkward teenager who starts giving sex counselling, the show explores some serious themes which makes for some moving scenes.


In an uncertain world and even more uncertain times, here arrives a chiselled modern-day saviour in the mould of Jesus himself. Is he truth is his proclamation or an extremist in disguise? From Syria to the US, Al-Masih drums up supports. With the CIA hot on his trail!