Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s Coronavirus Statement Watched by 27 Million

Dated the 23rd of March, Boris Johnson’s firmest statement to the nation regarding the novel coronavirus outbreak was watched by a total of twenty-seven million people. Making clear the strict new coronavirus restrictions, Boris Johnson’s statement was watched across BBC One, ITV, Channel 4, the BBC News Channel and Sky News. While the vast majority tuned in to the PM’s statement on BBC One, with viewership numbering at 15.4 million, the next highest audience figure was ITV’s with 5.7 million. The broadcast statement has smashed all viewership records and has become the most watched television broadcast in recent times. Prior to the PM’s coronavirus statement, the most-watched broadcast of recent years was the London Olympics Closing Ceremony in 2012, which attracted an audience numbering 24.5 million. Boris Johnson’s statement has strict measures aimed at curbing the spread of the novel coronavirus COVID-19, placing stringent restrictions on individuals’ lives.

The statement broadcast on the 23rd of March announced a ban on public gatherings of more than two people. The Prime Minister also insisted that people must stay at home unless absolutely necessary. Under the new rules, people are allowed to leave once to exercise, accompanied only by members of their household, while maintaining a distance of two metres from others. Travel to and from work is only permitted where “absolutely necessary” and shopping is only permitted for essential items and medical needs. All retail shops, other than those stocking essentials, were ordered to close following the statement with immediate effect.

With many people already off work, and major businesses shutting their doors, the vast majority of the public is now condemned to their homes for a three-week period. With little else to do, twenty-seven million of us happily tuned in to the PM’s address which declared a “moment of national emergency,” describing the pandemic as “the biggest threat this country has faced for decades.”

Top Quarantine TV-Shows

With the rise of a pandemic on our front doors, the world has gone into a frozen state with major events being cancelled across all continents. Nearly all major sports leagues have been temporarily suspended in response to the COVID-19 outbreak. Governments across the world in heavily affected countries have advised for a lot of quarantining and self isolation in these times of peril.

As we are all cooped up in doors to self isolate and protect ourselves, we might as well make use of all the time we have indoors. If you’re out of ideas of what to do then you can look towards some TV-shows to keep you occupied.

Here are some of the top interesting series you can try:

  1. Prison Break

A 5 season tv-show which focuses on a prison designer who gets himself put into jail to help a family member escape from the death row. The designer’s brother is falsely accused and the pair fight against a higher authority who wants to get rid of him as quick as possible. The designer insists his brother is innocent and draws out a lot of complex plans to figure his way out of the huge prison compound. This is a great tv-show to watch while quarantining during this pandemic.

  1. 100 Humans. Life Questions. Answered.

This new Netflix show has taken the UK by storm as it’s interesting concept has raised a lot of eyebrows. The show looks at population trends in an experimental way and displays human behaviour. It invites 100 people and throughout the show a lot of questions and tasks are given to the humans to discover people’s subconscious decisions along with their performances.

  1. Who Killed Malcom X?

If you are interested in a crime-like, investigative show then this is the one for you. This tv-show looks into a documentary following the work of Abdur-Rahman Muhammad, who for more than 30 years has been investigating the assassination of Malcom X.

Remember to stay inside and watch these shows!

The Most Popular British Television Programmes of All Time

Planet Earth

Produced by the BBC Natural History Unit in 2006, it took five years to produce and was the most expensive BBC nature documentary series every to be made. The original series aired on BBC was narrated by David Attenborough, while the Discovery Channel version was narrated by Sigourney Weaver. The documentary series has won four Emmy Awards, a Peabody Award and a Royal Television Society award.

Only Fools and Horses

The best British television sitcom of all time was created and written by John Sullivan and starred legendary actors David Jason and Nicholas Lyndhurst. Starring as the hapless entrepreneurial Trotter brothers, Del Boy and Rodney ultimately strike it rich in a rags to riches story of resilience and never giving up. The sitcom’s original run lasted from 1981 to 1991, with 16 Christmas specials aired until 2003.

The Blue Planet

Premiering in 2001 and narrated by David Attenborough, The Blue Planet is one of the BBC’s most successful documentary series of all time. Each episode explored different aspects of marine life and the documentary series broke barriers by capturing never seen before deep ocean footage. For its music and cinematography, the series won numerous Emmy and BAFTA TV awards. Following its success, a sequel was aired on BBC One in 2017.

Blue Planet II

With music from Hans Zimmer and once again narrated by David Attenborough, the sequel to The Blue Planet once again captured the imagination of a nation. The much-awaited sequel to the original 2001 series arrived in 2017. Filmed over the course of four years, the series documented 125 expeditions across 39 countries, producing over 6,000 hours of underwater footage. Critically acclaimed, the series gained the highest viewing figure for the year 2017 of 14.1 million.

BBC Delays New Over-75 TV License Fee Changes due to Coronavirus

Following the global coronavirus pandemic, the BBC has delayed changes to the TV license fee for over-75s until August. The change in license fee regulations meant that, for the first time, over-75s would be charged for TV licenses. They were to be implemented on the first of June this year meaning that 3.7 million pensioners would have had to pay the fees. Chairman of the BBC Sir David Clementi described the fallout from the coronavirus pandemic as “exceptional circumstances,” asserting that “now is not the right time” to implement the scrapping of the free TV licenses. The BBC chairman added, “We are fully focussed on delivering our services to the public at this difficult,” while also asserting that the BBC will pay for the two-month delay.

According to the license fee changes only low-income households where one person receives pension credit benefit will remain eligible for a free TV license. However, on Monday, the BBC and the government issued a joint statement which read, “We do not want anyone to be worried about any potential change…The BBC’s priority over the coming period will be to do everything we can to serve the nation at this uniquely challenging time. As the national broadcaster, the BBC has a vital role to play in supplying information to the public in the weeks and months ahead.”

Since 2000, the government has paid for free TV licenses for over-75s. However, it has since passed responsibility for the concession to the BBC. A major public outcry resulted when the national broadcasters announced plans to scrap the free TV licenses for all except for those in receipt of pension credit benefit.

Ant and Dec take a Coronavirus Hit as They Hint Effects of Pandemic on Saturday Night Takeaway

Coronavirus, or Covid-19, has impacted our lives in every possible way. People are fighting over toilet paper rolls, pasta and hand sanitizer. The most vulnerable are suffering and employees of almost every sector have been affected by this coronavirus pandemic. The Television industry has been hit in more ways than one. The popular UK stars, Ant McPartlin and Declan Donnelly, have hinted that their hit show Saturday Night Takeaway might be affected by the pandemic. The show may not return as it is filmed in front of a live studio audience and this type of large gathering is discouraged by the government.

Television Favourites Ant and Dec’s Saturday Night Takeaway

On the latest Saturday Night Takeaway, Ant and Dec hinted that their show might not return to viewers next week owing to the ongoing covid-19 crisis. But, as always, the dynamic duo was in high spirits and provided viewers some light relief in relation to this global pandemic. They made some changes from their usual format to emphasize the importance of personal hygiene during these times.

The Geordie television stars, Ant and Dec, made a point of using hand sanitizer to kill germs on their hands before high fiving the studio audience as usual. This is an important act and it is imperative to remind people to keep their hand hygiene extremely high as this is an important risk factor in the spread of the contagious virus.

Many Productions Already Affected

A large number of productions, events and mass gatherings have already been cancelled worldwide. Although the United Kingdom is not the country with the highest number of cases, the current number of coronavirus cases is at 1,140. The death toll has unfortunately risen to 21.

Caroline Flack Laid to Rest in Private Ceremony

After passing away on the 15th of February, Caroline Flack was laid to rest in a private ceremony on the tenth of this month. Three weeks after being found dead at her flat in London, the popular television host was laid to rest after a private service was held by her family for her close friends and relatives. In her honour, numerous celebrities paid tribute to Caroline on social media. Tributes were payed by Stacey Solomon, whose boyfriend Joe Swash worked with Caroline on I’m A Celebrity Get Me Out of Here…! Britain’s Got Talent judge Amanda Holden paid tribute to the television host, most popular for her hosting stint on Love Island, by wearing a t-shirt designed by Keith Lemon emblazoned with the words, “Be Kind.” Caroline Flack’s former X Factor colleague Olly Murs wrote in a social media post, “Today was so hard but you know what goodbyes are not forever, goodbyes are not the end. They simply mean I’ll miss you caz until we meet again.”

An inquest, set to resume in August, ruled that Caroline’s death was caused by suicide. It came as the television star was awaiting trial for assault, with reports stating she had been accused of striking her boyfriend Lewis Burton over the head with a lamp. With Caroline pleading not guilty to the charge, and Burton unsupportive of the prosecution, it’s clear the celebrity suffered much anguish over the prospect of prosecution. The Independent Office for Police Conduct cleared the Met Police of having any causal link with Caroline’s death.

After she was laid to rest in the private funeral service, Caroline Flack’s ex-boyfriend Andrew Brady shared a moving and lengthy tribute to the late TV icon. Posted alongside a photo of the pair together, he commented, “Caroline sadly died almost a month ag. She’s finally been laid to rest and I still haven’t come to terms with things.”

The Top Tweets on Netflix’s “Love is Blind”

Love is Blind” was an entertaining series to anyone who watched it. It made us laugh, cry, and yell angrily at Mark for not seeing how Jessica was totally leading him on. The cringe-worthy experience of the participants may not have always led to happy marriages, but they did birth some pretty funny tweets.

  1. @_clarkekent – Clarke Humphrey:

“i just started that chaotic ass netlifx show “love is blind” first of all its cute that nick lachey was like “obviously im nick lachey” — obvious to whomst sister??”


  1. Harrison Potvin – @swimmerboy98:

““Love is Blind” is by far the corniest and most cringe show on Netflix. It’s unrealistic and so stupid…. I’ll take 3 more seasons please #loveisblindnetflix”


  1. AMBER THEE ROSE GILL – @AmberRoseGill:

Wait so this is Love Island and The Circle on crack? #Loveisblind


  1. ok and – @goldenxbby:

“They way Jessica purposely makes her voice higher when she’s talking with the guys and then goes back to normal when she’s with the girls #loveisblindnetflix #loveisblind”


  1. Katie Drennen – @thekatiedrennen:

“Just started Love is Blind today – Cameron & Lauren MUST BE PROTECTED AT ALL COSTS. #loveisblindnetflix #LoveIsBlind”


  1. Car Maximus – @TheCarmaximum:

“The face you make when 24 year old Mark is more mature and emotionally stable than 34 year old Jessica #LoveIsBlind #LoveIsBlindNetflix”


  1. DOJA CAT MY SA QUEEN – @NovermberJ

“Did the Netflix camera man get his training at Maury cause the way he was chasing GG #loveisblind #loveisblindfinale”


  1. that’s on stans showercap – @stansshowercap:

“Idc what yall say amber is an absolute LEGEND she walked in with a 2k debt and no home and left with the satisfaction of financial security, a house, a stay at home career plan and a dog #LoveIsBlind #loveisblindfinale”

What’s the Verdict: “Love is Blind”

“Love is Blind” has taken Netflix, and the world, by storm. The show consists of couples dating in “pods” without having ever seen each other. After just a few short days, the couples must decide if they want to propose to the person they have been talking to in the pods. It is only after a proposal that the couples get to meet and see each other. On the fifth day, the couples are taken to on a pre-wedding holiday to Mexico to start to test their relationship. This allowed some couples to take it to another level, while the flaws in some relationships were revealed.

Whirlwind Romance or Unrequited Love?

Love is Blind has some notable couples that caused a lot of drama and attention that has kept viewers glued to the Netflix series. The show puts couples in unrealistic scenarios on the basis of answering one main question: Is love truly blind?

After spending a few days in Paradise, the couples headed back to their daily life while sharing a home with their new partner. This tested many of the fragile relationships that were forged in the idealistic “pods”. The ones that fought to the end were given the option to marry in the show’s finale.

Shocking Finale

The idea of taking complete strangers and making them fall in love before ever having seen each other, then getting them married 4 weeks later sounds a bit crazy, and it is. That’s what this show’s success can be contributed to: shock factor, controversy but at its core it seeks to answer a pure-hearted question about love.

It’s safe to say that the finale of the caused a twitter storm and a stir on social media. Some of the couples that appeared on Love is Blind shocked fans by continuing their whirlwind relationships, especially when it was clear that the relationships would not last long.

We look forward to seeing what is next in store for the couples and whether there will be a season 2.

New Series and Movies Coming to Netflix this Month

This March Netflix is introducing a variety of new series and movies to its collection. The popular streaming service offers a wide range of different things to watch while we survive through the windy weather.

Taylor Tomlinson: Quarter-Life Crisis – March 3rd

She debuted on The Comedy Lineup Part 1. But on this brand new show, Taylor talks about self-improvement, and why your twenties are not always ‘the best years of your life’. It is certain to be an entertaining show with excitement and laughter.

Ugly Delicious (Series Two) – March 6

If you loved the last season of this award-wining Netflix original documentary series, you will be pleased to know they are returning with another season. The series is hosted by the James Beard Award-Winning Chef, David Chang and the Academy Award-Winner Morgan Neville. Both will be returning for another series.  

Spenser Confidential – March 6

This is a new movie starring Mark Wahlberg as an ex-cop known for making more trouble than he solved. After serving a prison sentence, he decides to leave Boston for good. Before he can, he gets roped into helping his old boxing mentor Henry. Henry is played by Alan Arkin.

Dirty Money (Series Two) – March 11

The critically acclaimed investigative series returns to Netflix for another season. It will be featuring more up-close and personal views of untold stories of scandal, financial malfeasance and corruption in the business world. Some of this season will be investigating Jared Kushner’s real estate empire, the Wells Fargo banking scandal and Malaysia’s 1MDB corruption case.

Elite (Series Three) – March 13

Everyone’s favourite Spanish drama series is returning to Netflix with its third season. In this season, Polo returns to school, causing even more tension amongst the students. It can only end in one way: with a new tragedy in Las Encinas. Possibly, something like the town has never seen before.

These are some of the new shows and movies that are coming to Netflix this month – tell us your favourite!

British TV’s Longest-Serving Soap Stars

William Roach – Ken Barlow – Coronation Street

A television icon and legend of the small screen, William Roach has played Ken Barlow on Coronation Street for almost sixty years! Since making his first appearance in 1960, Roach has only left the role for a short period once in 2013, only to return a year later.

Barbara Knox – Rita Tanner – Coronation Street

Another television icon and Coronation Street stalwart, Barbara Knox has played Rita Tanner for the best part of fifty years! With a series of tumultuous storylines and considerable heartbreak, Rita has stayed true and withstood the tests of time!

Helen Worth – Gail Platt – Coronation Street

Another Coronation Street legend to grace the longest-serving soap stars list, Helen Worth has served for around forty-five years! Without Gail, Coronation Street would be a completely different show, as she has been at the centre of numerous sensational storylines.

Sue Nicholls – Audrey Roberts – Coronation Street

The larger than life and much-suffering Audrey Roberts in another character who typifies all that Coronation Street represents. Played by Sue Nicholls for thirty-six years, since 1979, she appeared irregularly at first. Introduced as Gail Platt’s mum, she was married to another iconic Coronation Street character Alf Roberts.

Michael Le Vell – Kevin Webster – Coronation Street

In 1983, Kevin Webster moved to the country’s most famous cobbled street as Hilda Ogden’s lodger. Since then he became well established, married Sally, has run a successful small business and gone through a whole load of turbulence. In 2009, he split from his wife Sally Metcalfe, after having an affair with Molly Dobbs which resulted in a love child.

Adam Woodyatt – Ian Beale – Eastenders

Adam Woodyatt has appeared on the BBC One soap since its very first episode in 1985, meaning he has been a regular on our screens for thirty-five years! Ian Beale is a much-loved incorrigible character, who we can’t help but love to hate! Providing plenty of drama, with each of his four marriages, Ian has witnessed murder, domestic violence and heaps of drama!