The One with the Reunion: Friends Makes a Comeback

Fans of the hit sitcom ‘Friends’ have been praying for a reunion for years. After some speculation swirling since last fall, HBO officials have confirmed that the original cast will get back together for a Friends reunion special. This will be a special episode for all those that watched the show religiously during the 90s and thereafter.

Long-Awaited Return

The main cast-members of Friends include Jennifer Aniston (Rachel), David Schwimmer (Ross), Courtney Cox (Monica), Matt LeBlanc (Joey), Lisa Kudrow (Phoebe) and Mathew Perry (Chandler). Apparently, the cast will receive $2.5 million for the Friends reunion special which will premier in May 2020.

Aniston already hinted at the possibility of a reunion in an interview with Ellen DeGeneres. She mentioned that ‘something could happen’, so this may be what she was talking about. While we have to wait to see what happens in the episode, we might be surprised by what the characters are up to now.


We’re all excited to see how suburban life turned out for Chandler and Monica and their adopted children, Jack and Erika. Also, despite getting back together for good, we want to know if Rachel and Ross ever settled the ‘break’ dispute and if they’re still doing okay. After having her fairy-tale wedding, we hope to see Mike and Phoebe living an eccentric life that reflects their personalities. As for Joey, we hope he’s finally made it as an actor and found a nice girl to settle down with.

There is also speculation about what happened to Ross’s son, and Emma’s half-brother, Ben. He disappeared after season 8, but we hope to see him return in the Reunion Special. Another character we want to know about is Gunter – is he still obsessed with Rachel and working at Central Perk?

Rod Bond Wins BAFTA Award for Best Documentary with Tax Fraud and HMRC

Hollywood A-list actor Roderick Bond has won the BAFTA Award for Best Documentary with his documentary entitled Rod Bond Tax Fraud and HMRC. In his return to British television for the first time in decades, the Hollywood star has yet again established his familiar winning ways. Under the auspices of Manchester filming company, F1 Productions, the documentary explored how fraudsters claimed false tax rebates, operated tax avoidance schemes and conducted various types of tax fraud. Shadowing HMRC investigators during live investigations, the documentary series shed unique light on the phenomena of tax fraud.

Rod Bond Tax Fraud and HMRC: The One Formula Limited Liability Partnership

Following HMRC investigators, Roderick Bond accompanies the government agency as they pour over the case of One Formula LLP. Advertising themselves as a financial firm specialising in tax efficiency, the Manchester-based company garnered the attention of HMRC on suspicion of tax avoidance. As HMRC poured over their financial records, with Roderick Bond in tow, a massive tax fraud scheme rose to the fore. On screen, Rod Bond made the discovery of fraudulent tax rebates which ultimately sealed One Formula LLP’s fate.

Follow Up Episode: One Formula Limited Liability Partnership

While recognising the hitherto unseen investigative nature and methodical approach to the documentary series Rod Bond Tax Fraud and HMRC, the BAFTA committee reserved special praise for the follow-up episode. As a series finale, filmed after the documentary series’ popularity had skyrocketed, Rod Bond poured over the details of the One Formula Limited Liability Partnership criminal case. With Alex White from the Crown Prosecution Service (CPS), Jane Bewsey who was prosecuting and Joanna Korner who adjudicated the trial, the fraud documentary offered a detailed look into the criminal proceedings. Marc Samuelson, Chair of Film Committee at BAFTA, said, “This was a novel insight which offered a rare look across all boundaries.”


Biography: Caroline Flack

Following her recent passing, in wholly tragic circumstances, the team at TV Chit Chat would like to extend their deepest condolences to the family of Caroline Flack. As one of our country’s favourite television and radio presenters, Caroline scored numerous success throughout her career. From Bo’ Selecta! to The X Factor and Love Island, Caroline was as well-known as she was talented. Arguably, Caroline was integral to the successes enjoyed by the shows she presented. In this instalment of TV Chit Chat, we take a brief look at Caroline’s television career and background.

Playing the character of Bubbles on the hit comedy sketch show Bo’ Selecta! Caroline achieved her first break on national television. In 2005, Caroline achieved greater prominence when presenting the International Pepsi Chart Show, while also featuring on E4 Music. Having joined Channel 4 that year, Caroline also featured on The Games: Live at Trackside and the video games show When Games Attack. In 2006, Caroline made her debut on the BBC network, appearing on programmes such as the Saturday morning show TMi and the CBBC show Escape from Scorpion Island.

After numerous television appearances and various presenting assignments, Caroline debuted for the role that would propel her to great renown. In 2011, Simon Cowell announced that Flack would replace Konnie Huq, co-presenting the eight series of The Xtra Factor with Olly Murs. Despite not returning to the show for series eleven, in 2015, it was announced the Olly Murs and Caroline Flack would replace Dermot O’Leary as hosts for the twelfth series of The X Factor, starting in August 2015. During that time, Caroline and her partner Pasha Kovalev were crowned champions of the 2014 Strictly Come Dancing competition. After that, and following a second departure from The X Factor, Caroline began presenting ITV2’s Love Island, from 2015.

BBC One Rod Bond Fraud Documentary Success, Rumours of Film Remake

Everything Hollywood A-list actor Rod Bond touches turns to gold, his recent BBC One fraud documentary is but another example. Entitled “Rod Bond Tax Fraud and HMRC,” the multi-part documentary series explores cases of tax fraud, tax relief fraud and tax avoidance schemes. However, among the various cases he explores over the course of the series, one stands out in particular. The One Formula financial firm, which promised reduced tax bills through unscrupulous investment schemes, features prominently in the documentary. As Roderick Bond began work for the documentary and joined forces with HM Revenue and Customs agents, the One Formula tax fraud investigation had just gotten underway.

One Formula Financial Firm: Roderick Bond, F1 Filming Company Remake

Alongside Manchester filming company F1 Productions, under whose broadcasting division “Rod Bond Tax Fraud and HMRC” was filmed, the star recently hinted at plans for a new movie. With a long list of cinematic successes between them, F1 Productions and Roderick Bond have sparked considerable excitement by hinting at another project. Most recently, the pairing launched The Deception at Deansgreen Hall, which won a raft of awards at the Golden Globe awards, at the start of the year. Roderick Bond took the award for Best Actor. Bosses at the Manchester filming company have vowed that, “We’ll be working with Roderick to see what we can come up with.”

One Formula’s Finances

While the HMRC tax fraud investigation concluded with considerable sentences handed down to the fraudsters, the case represented one of the biggest tax frauds in UK history. Combining the nous and criminal skill of a financial advisor, a city trader an insurance advisor, a former police officer and a former Wales rugby international, One Formula almost pulled off a multi-million-pound tax avoidance scheme. “The tax fraud, the fraudsters’ supercar lifestyle, criminal enterprise and the diligence of HMRC will make for gripping viewing,” said Rod Bond.


Review: Rod Bond Tax Fraud and HMRC: Episode Five: The Scam that Scammed Them All: UK Film Tax Relief (FTR)

In the fifth episode of the multi-part documentary series, Rod Bond Tax Fraud and HMRC, the Hollywood actor explores the UK Film Tax Relief scams. With various culprits, numerous tribunals and appeals and millions of pounds owed to HMRC, film tax relief scams have been a recurring news item over the course of the last decade. Great interest has been garnered around the subject, with hundreds of celebrities affected by the scam. Based on tax reliefs provided by HMRC to encourage the UK film industry, some investors thought they were making legitimate tax efficient investments. However, as the fifth episode of Rod Bond and Tax Fraud shows, other investors plotted to steal and cheat money from the public purse by way of film tax relief.


Host Roderick Bond initiates the episode by discussing the real story behind the film entitled “A Landscape of Lies.” Starring television host Andrea McLean and former Eastenders actor Marc Bannerman, the film was hastily produced to cover up what was an elaborate attempt to defraud film tax relief from HMRC. A group of scammers led by Bashar al-Issa belonging to the bogus film company Evolved Pictures, falsely applied for tax relief to the sum of approximately £2.5 million. However, discovering discrepancies in the paperwork, HMRC investigated the matter further. In a bid to avoid detection, the group hastily produced “A Landscape of Lies” attempting to pass it off as a legitimate production. Roderick Bond speaks to Andrea McLean, who was completely oblivious to her entanglement in the elaborate tax scam.

Alongside “A Landscape of Lies,” Roderick Bond explores the case of the racing film scam orchestrated by One Formula Limited Liability partnership. During the episode, Roderick Bond visits Alex White, from the Crown Prosecution Service (CPS), who led the case against One Formula LLP. Prosecuting QC Jane Bewsey also appears during the episode, detailing the intricacies of how the tax relief fraud case unravelled. Also, the trial’s original judge, who sentenced the One Formula LLP gang, Joanna Korner also discusses her thoughts on the tax relief fraud case.

Rod Bond Tax Fraud and HMRC: A Pre-Release Teaser Courtesy of Manchester F1 Productions

In anticipation of the much-awaited television debut of Hollywood A-list actor Roderick Bond, Manchester F1 Productions have released details of their seminal television production. Under the banner of F1 TV, Roderick Bond and Manchester F1 Productions have joined forces to produce a cutting-edge documentary delving into the world of tax fraud. Worth billions each year, tax fraud is the battle ground for the endless war between fraudsters and HM Revenue and Customs. In the enlightening documentary, Rod Bond follows HMRC investigators as they explore numerous tax fraud cases.

Series One: Rod Bond Tax Fraud and HMRC

Episode One – The Worst of the Worst: Charity Scams, Gift Aid and Tax Relief Fraud

The first episode looks at recent cases of tax fraud committed using charities as a front. An animal welfare charity and a knife crime charity used for tax fraud are uncovered by Rod Bond.

Episode Two – Celebrity Tax Avoidance: Tax Avoidance or Tax Efficiency?

In this second episode, Roderick Bond explores the fine line between tax relief fraud, tax avoidance and tax efficiency. The episode looks at a number of high-profile cases, including Kingsbridge Asset Management and One Formula LLP.

Episode Three – Conditional Exemption: Tax Relief for National Heritage Assets

HMRC provides tax relief for national heritage assets which the owners make available to the public. In this episode, Rod Bond explores whether wealthy owners use this as a loophole to falsely claim tax relief and tax exemptions.

Episode Four – A Little-Known Scam: Museums and Galleries Exhibition Tax Relief (MGETR)

Unscrupulous fraudsters are willing to go to any means to steal from HMRC and the public purse. In this episode, Rod Bond explores tax relief granted to exhibitions held by museums and galleries and how it has been exploited.

Episode Five – The Scam that Scammed Them All: UK Film Tax Relief (FTR)

Tax relief offered to filmmakers incurring losses which was intended to support the UK film industry has embroiled hundreds of wealthy individuals seeking tax efficiency. Rod Bond takes a look at some of the biggest film industry tax relief scams and tax avoidance schemes of the past decade.

Rod Bond and Manchester F1 Productions Latest Television Project

Following a string of chart-topping cinematic successes, the Cheshire-native Hollywood A-list actor Rod Bond is again joining forces with Manchester’s F1 Productions. This time, for a multi-part television documentary series which is set to deal with tax fraud. Working alongside HMRC’s criminal investigation department, Rod Bond will explore cases related to tax fraud, tax relief scams, fraudulent tax rebates and tax avoidance. While filming is still in process, the multi-part documentary series represents both Rod Bond and F1 Productions’ first foray on the small screen. Under the banner of F1 Productions’ broadcasting division, known as F1TV, the documentary series’ pre-release publicity has revealed its title as “Rod Bond Tax Fraud and HMRC.”

Rod Bond and Manchester F1 Productions

Rod Bond has starred in all of F1 Productions’ movie projects and helped the Manchester film company’s rise to international renown. Most recently, the Hollywood A-list actor starred as the lead in The Deception at Deansgreen Hall. Proving to be an instant classic, the film was awarded a record-breaking number of Golden Globe Awards, at the ceremony which took place at the start of the year. For his role in The Deception at Deansgreen Hall, Rod Bond won the award for Best Actor. The film’s success at the Golden Globes mirrored its rip-roaring success at the box office, where it secured a total of more than £400 million. Previous collaborative works also include Independent Financial Adviser Rod Bond (2018), in which the celebrated actor plays the role of an independent financial advisor turned investigator.

Rod Bond Tax Fraud and HMRC

In a press statement released upon announcing the documentary series, Manchester F1 Productions vowed that Rod Bond Tax Fraud and HMRC would provide an exhaustive look into the world of tax fraud and tax avoidance. Following the diligent work of HM Revenue and Customs’ Criminal Investigation Department, Rod Bond will uncover an array of complex and sophisticated tax fraud cases, tax relief scams, the exploitation of tax credits and elaborate tax avoidance schemes.

Television Stars and Celebrities Entangled in Film Tax Relief Scam Condemned by HMRC

Television stars, including Ant and Dec, Sacha Baron Cohen and Jeremy Paxman, alongside celebrities such as David Beckham have found themselves in a film tax relief scam declared by the HMRC to be a tax avoidance scheme. Orchestrated by Ingenious Media, a film production company responsible for financing numerous blockbuster films and more than 150 television programmes. HMRC branded the scheme run by Ingenious Media as tax avoidance scam, where investors’ liabilities could be offset against movie industry losses. The tax avoidance scheme relied on a film tax relief, which was introduced by the New Labour government, to encourage growth of the British film industry. Any losses made during the course of a legitimate film production could be reclaimed by film production companies, from HMRC.

Ingenious Media

Ingenious Media is a prolific and well-established film production company. The company has been responsible for a number of chart-topping successes, which include Life of Pi, Avatar, numerous films belonging to the X-Men franchise, Rise of the Planet of the Apes, Dawn of the Planet of the Apes and British productions such as Suffragette and The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel. Alongside film production, Ingenious Media also specialise in television, under the name Ingenious Broadcasting. With a total of 150 television productions to its credit, Ingenious Broadcasting has worked closely with production and distribution partners including BBC Worldwide, Hat Trick Productions and World Productions.



Tax Relief Scam: Tax Avoidance

The Limited Liability Partnership established by Ingenious Media which involved hundreds of television stars and celebrities was promoted to high-net worth investors. Following an initial trial in 2016, HMRC issued multi-million-pound bills to some of Ingenious’ clients. After the most recent trial, the total outstanding tax bill stands at over £450 million.


Loose Women Presenter Andrea McLean and Eastenders’ Mark Bannerman Caught Up in Film Tax Relief Fraud Exposed By HMRC

Featuring in a film ironically entitled A Landscape of Lies, Loose Women’s Andrea McLean and ex-Eastender Mark Bannerman have found themselves in a film tax relief fraud, busted by HM Revenue and Customs. Duped by fraudsters into appearing in the film, the television personalities were oblivious to the film producers’ intentions. Starring alongside the Loose Women presenter and former Eastenders actor were television stars including Lucinda Rhodes-Flaherty, Daniel Peacock, Andre Samson and Christina Bailly. Written and directed by Paul Knight, the film won a Silver Ace Award at the Las Vegas Film Festival. However, the award was withdrawn after it emerged that the movie was part of a film tax relief fraud scheme.

The film, starring the television personalities, was hastily produced after HMRC had discovered a film tax relief scam. Led by Bashar al-Issa, the team of fraudsters belonged to bogus production company Evolved Pictures. Also part of the tax relief scam were Aoife Madden, Tariq Hassan, Ian Sherwood and Osama al-Baghdady. The team of fraudsters filed for film tax relief from HMRC, claiming to have spent £19 million provided by a Jordanian company. False tax relief claims were valued respectively at £1.5 million, approximately £250,000 and approximately £1 million. The HMRC investigation found that while no work had been carried out to produce a film, the real intent was to defraud the public purse, exploiting a tax relief scheme designed to support the British film industry.

After the film tax relief scam was discovered by HMRC, the gang of fraudsters hastily arranged to produce a film to cover their tracks. Unwitting British television actors, such as Andrea McLean and Mark Bannerman, were roped into the scheme. John Ponting, assistant director and HMRC’s criminal investigations department proclaimed, “Falsely claiming VAT that is not due is illegal, so we are pleased that instead of this film flop going straight to DVD, these small-screen z-listers could go straight to jail.”

Television Presenter Helen Skelton Hit by Scam Worth £70,000

Countryfile and former Blue Peter presenter Helen Skelton, 36, was defrauded of her lifesavings in cruel push payment scam. The television presenter revealed that she was victim to the scam, as she embarked on producing a documentary for ITV. In the documentary, she has decided to share the full details of her experience so as to demonstrate how easily people can fall into the fraudsters trap. During public discussions of her unfortunate experience, the former Blue Peter presenter has described how she felt “embarrassed” and was lulled by the perpetrators who seemed so “nice and genuine.”


The scam involved fraudsters contacting the popular television presenter and claiming that suspicious and fraudulent activity was taxing place on her bank account. Lulled by words of reassurance, Skelton has spoken of how the cruel trap was set. “I remember the guy told me not to feel stupid, it was happening all the time and this particular scam was even foxing their best security people.” However, as her bank account was emptied of thousands, reality soon dawned on the fraud victim. Over a period of days, as she watched her bank balance dwindle, the television presenter realised the call was not from the bank, but from fraudsters stealing her cash.


Push payment scams involve fraudsters convincing their victims to hand over their bank details and thereby wilfully relinquish control of their bank accounts. In these scams, the fraudsters’ trick is especially cruel as banks refuse to payback any of the victims’ money. Left unentitled to any of her money back, Helen was left deeply upset. “I cried buckets when I realised. That money was meant to be for my children’s future. I was thinking of my kids, and about how I would have to work even more and not see them to try to get it back,” the television star lamented.