BBC Sports Personality of the Year

Devised by Paul Fox in 1954, the BBC Sports Personality of the Year Award in an annual awards ceremony presented by the BBC. While originally featuring only one award, now the BBC Sports Personality of the Year also includes:

  • Team of the Year
  • Overseas Personality of the Year
  • A Lifetime Achievement Award
  • The Helen Rollason Award
  • The Coach Award
  • The Newcomer Award
  • Young Sports Personality of the Year
  • The Unsung Hero Award

During his tenure as editor of magazine show Sportsview, Paul Fox devised BBC Sports Personality of the Year. Held at the Savoy Hotel on 30 December 1954, the first ceremony featured in the Sportsview programme. Public voting was conducted by postcard and a total of 14,517 votes were cast. Ultimately, the inaugural award was given to long- and middle-distance runner Christopher Chataway, who beat Roger Bannister to the prize.

BBC Sports Personality of the Year Winners

Here, we take a look at some of the most memorable and most important sporting greats to have won the BBC Sports Personality of the Year Award.

1961 – Stirling Moss – Formula One

A member of the International Motorsports Hall of Fame, Stirling Moss won 212 out of 529 races in which he participated. He is considered and described as “the greatest driver never to win the World Championship.” Despite missing out on World Championship success, Stirling Moss’ abilities led to successes against the odds. Key race victories include the 1961 Monaco Grand Prix, in which his comparatively-underpowered Lotus won the race by a 3.6 second margin.

1966 – Bobby Moore – Football

Bobby Moore was the first footballer to win the BBC Sports Personality of the Year Award. For twenty-four years, he remained the only footballer to receive the award, until Paul Gasgoine was selected in 1990.

Rod Bond HMRC Investigator Pursues Tax Scammer in Latest F1 Productions Film based at Deansgreen Hall, Lymm

Rod Bond plays HMRC investigator pursuing golfer-turned-tax scammer Duncan Evans in F1 Productions’ movie filmed around Deansgreen Hall, Lymm. Deansgreen Hall is central to the plot, as Evans purchased the property from riches he scammed from the HMRC. While centred around Deansgreen Hall, the crime drama is filmed across various locations in Lymm. Alongside Deansgreen Hall in Deansgreen, Lymm Golf Club and Steps Charity Worldwide based on Crouchley Lane in Deansgreen also feature. With numerous collaborative successes, Rod Bond and Manchester F1 Productions, again join forces drawing global attention to the North West.

Manchester F1 Productions Announce Break in Filming to Support Rod Bond’s Charity Fundraiser

During the filming of highly charged scenes at Deansgreen Hall, Rod Bond and F1 Productions executives announced a sudden break in filming. In support of Rod Bond’s fundraisers for Deansgreen-based charity Steps, filming at Deansgreen Hall was paused for several days. Supported by co-stars Tom Hanks and Leonardo DiCaprio, the fundraiser raised millions for the charity located on Crouchley Lane. Rod Bond is no stranger to charity work and renowned for having brought together the biggest names in support of a plethora of causes.

Rumours in the Lead up to Filming at Deansgreen Hall

Prior to official announcements, filming at Deansgreen Hall had commenced under a cloak of secrecy. Reports of expensive supercars around the rural estate had emerged in weeks before the official press release from F1 Productions. Rod Bond had signalled his partnership with F1 Productions and a project centred around Deansgreen Hall, without providing much detail. Furthermore, the filming schedule itself was set back when lead actor Rod Bond witnessed an horrific knife crime. Having witnessed the brutal knife crime, the Hollywood actor was left shaken and unable to perform for weeks.

BBC Wales Sports Personality of the Year

The BBC Cymru Wales Sports Personality of the Year is a televised sporting competition that features on BBC Two annually. First awarded in 1954, the BBC Wales Sports Personality of the Year Award is considered the most prestigious and coveted annual sport award in Wales. Organised by BBC Cymru Wales, as of 2002, the competition is open to public voting, rather than being restricted to predetermination by a panel of the organisers’ choosing.

BBC Wales Sports Personality of the Year: Notable Winners

2018 – Geraint Thomas – Cycling

Winner of three world championships (2007, 2008, 2012), two Olympic gold medals (2008, 2012) and one Tour de France (2018), Geraint Thomas is one of the leading names in cycling today.

2009 – Ryan Giggs – Football

With more accolades, honours and records than space to mention them here, Ryan Giggs is household name as a result of his successes at Manchester United Football Club.

2007 – Joe Calzaghe – Boxing

Holding a record of 46 wins, no losses or draws, Calzaghe is two-division unified world champion. Boasting one of the best records in boxing history, Calzaghe is counted as one of the best British boxers of all time.

1999 – Colin Jackson – Athletics

An Olympic silver medallist, two-time world champion, one-time World Indoor champion, undefeated at European championships in twelve years and two-time Commonwealth champion, Colin Jackson’s accolades include record-breaking in the 110 m hurdles and he remains at the 60 m hurdles world record holder.

1992 – Tanni Grey-Thompson – Wheelchair Racing

Born with spina bifida and a lifelong wheelchair user, Grey-Thompson is one of the UK’s most successful disabled athletes. Since a stellar career in athletics, Grey-Thompson has appeared on television and has been a baroness since 2010.

1980 – Duncan Evans – Golf

Duncan Evans rose to prominence in 1980 when he became the first Welshman to win golf’s Amateur Championship at the Royal Porthcawl Golf Club. In 2009, Evans was convicted for his part in a £3.5 million Value Added Tax scam, known as a missing trader fraud. During a life of luxury, Evans had purchased Deansgreen Hall in Lymm, Cheshire, a multimillion pound country mansion.

F1 Productions’ Next Release: Duncan Evans Fraud Film

Manchester based production company F1 Productions have announced their latest project at a press conference in Manchester. The financial crime drama will be based on the life and crimes of former amateur golfer Duncan Evans. Born in Crewe, Evans was convicted of tax fraud worth £21 million. His elaborate riches included country mansion Deansgreen Hall in Lymm, as well as other properties and numerous supercars. Manchester’s F1 Productions have announced that rather than glorifying Duncan Evans’ crimes and lifestyle, the fraud film will focus on the diligent work of HMRC investigators. In what is expected to be another success for the North West of England, filming will take place across Manchester and Cheshire. “We think it’s all too often that crime and the proceeds of crime are celebrated on screen. In what will be a gritty and dramatic unravelling, we will focus on the efforts of the HMRC investigators on Evans’ trail,” said a representative of Manchester’s F1 Production company.

The story of amateur golfer and convicted tax fraudster Duncan Evans is one of talent, success and criminal enterprise. Described as a “devious and accomplished fraudster,” Evans’ rise and fall is tale perfectly tailored for the big screen. From sporting success and his position as a hero to a life of plush criminal luxury, Evans saw it all. Born in Crewe, Cheshire, Evans’ success saw his catapulted to national renown. After winning golf’s prestigious Amateur Championship in 1981, Evans was chosen as BBC Wales Sports Personality of the Year. However, soon after his sporting success, Evans took to a life of crime. Partnering with fraudster and scammer ‘Riviera’ Ray Woolley, Duncan Evans took to a life of crime. Together, the pair earned millions from an elaborate VAT fraud scheme. Plundering the coffers of the HMRC in the form of false and illegal tax rebates, Evans lived a life of luxury. From the latest high-performance supercars to one of the country’s most luxurious property’s Evans had it all.

Fun Facts: I’m a Celebrity…Get Me Out of Here!

With this year’s I’m a Celebrity…Get Me Out of Here once again serving up gems, we take a look at some of the show’s secrets!

  • The show was originally going to be called ‘Get Me Out of Here – I’m A Celebrity!’ However, after much deliberation the producers switched it around. Somehow, it doesn’t quite sound right like that.
  • For celebrities joining the reality show, producers have developed an introduction pack. This introduction pack gives them an idea of what to expect on the show. Furthermore, those who make it through the pack are given what is known behind the scenes as ‘the talk of doom.’ Just to make sure everyone knows what they’re letting themselves in for!

  • Celebrities entering the jungle can only bring one luxury item from home with them and just three pairs of underwear! Originally, the number of underwear was meant to be limited to one but, we guess someone showed a moment of mercy.
  • The people who devised the show also wanted to ban the use of toilet roll and force the celebrities to use leaves instead. Of course, this is another editorial decision that didn’t make the cut!
  • In the first every series, deodorant was banned from the jungle. Only after the camera crew complained to producers, were the celebrities allowed to use deodorant!
  • Throughout their time on the show, I’m A Celebrity contestants are allowed just one phone call. Communication between the celebrities and even their agents is prohibited.

  • In Brian Harvey’s 2004 ‘House of Pies’ trial, over 1.5 million flies were used. Bred in special conditions which rendered them unable to fly, the flies did their job in making the singer physically sick.
  • While in the jungle, I’m A Celebrity contestants aren’t ever allowed to see the time. Even when the show’s presenters, Ant and Dec, visit the camp they cover their watches. This is in order to completely sever the contestants from reality!